Employment of 50+

Oit of appreciation for the skills and experience of those who have passed their fiftieth birthday, as well as out of awareness of the obstacles set by the labor marketplace before this workers of this age bracket, the founders of the company decided that  logo-p will be the voice of the 50+ age members in front of government agencies and legislation.

This initiative led to logo-p received a request from the parliamentary High-Tech Promotion Committee to deal with promotion of the Encouragement of Employment of Workers Over 50 Law and following this request:

logo-p met with executives from the industry and got a positive feedback to the initiative.

Following this positive reaction, logo-p engaged Adv. Sigal Katz who specializes in labor laws in promotion of the subject.

Adv. Katz led the activity in the matter within the company in meetings in the Ministry of Economy on the matter of writing the first draft of the Encouragement of Employment of Workers Over 50 Law proposal.

The actions planned to be carried out by logo-p:

Preparation and setting a founding conference in conjunction with organization that advocate the Encouragement of Employment of Workers Over 50 Law with the purpose of sharing the task load among the participating organizations.

Setting a schedule for follow-up discussions for the end of promoting the goal of submitting the bill to a vote in the Knesset.

logo-p Welcomes assistance from anyone willing to help promote the matter.

Please write us in the Contact Us page and we would be more than happy

to set a meeting.