Our specialists

Our specialists

splogo-pecializes in providing professional and reliable consultancy, entrepreneurship and project guidance services to corporations, businesses, organizations and institutional bodies in a variety of fields.

The company is a major resource for renounced specialists with field experience in their respective areas of activity.  Our specialists will provide you advice either as an individual customer or as an organization.

logo-p database consists of professionals specializing in these subjects

Consulting on and writing operational and technical characterization documents for ground breaking technological products

Lecturing on various areas of management

Market researching prior to introduction of new products

Locating professional manpower for enterprises and projects

Raising investments into Israeli companies and busiensses

Business development

IT system engineering

Following up compound projects

Establishing marketing strategies

States of emergency in local authorities

Personal guidance and training of management in every organizational level

Our specialist database

Quality Assurance

Highly experienced and skilled senior quality assurance manager.  Among other things, he has dealt with establishing and managing a quality center in the Standards Institution of Israel as an operational and business center offering services to technological and public entities, dealing with building QA systems complying with local and international regulation and standards.  He has also performed QA projects in information security development and product, complying with the following international standards: FIPS, ITSEC, Common Criteria and ISO 9001..Contact us to get a full CV

Management of integrated quality, safety and environmental protection systems and organizational improvement (9001, 14001 18001 13485, 9100, etc.)  He has carried out training and held courses for QA managers qualified by the American Society of Quality on improvement instruments, lean management, Kaizen method and quality management in the chain of supply.  Building training, development and assimilation formations for a unique risk management system.  Building a quality assurance formation in the Merkavah tank production line complying with ISO 9002 and qualifying the factory as the first part of a technological array according to the manufacturer B quality level requirement – SI  ISO 9002….Contact us to get a full CV

Quality Engineer (C.Q.E) and reliability (C.R.E), Quality Manager (C.Q.M), director of the expert and consultant for quality management. A master’s degree in Statistics and Operations Research, with a wealth of experience and expertise in S. P. C military aerospace industry and the automotive industry, statistical experiments. Proven success in lowering costs and improving quality non significantly quality and improving customer satisfaction….Contact us to get a full CV

Senior Quality Assurance Manager, with a cumulative professional experience of 30 years in the field. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Served in a variety of positions in the defense industry and other enterprises….Contact us to get a full CV

Senior quality assurance manager. The number of companies served as VP Quality Assurance, has extensive experience and recognized ability in strategic management. Great expertise in cross-cultural environments on an international level. Skill broad international business management, operations, engineering, manufacturing, quality, etc. Industrial experience in aviation, heavy machinery, production of medical instruments and orthopedic products. Has an engineering background and extensive technological stringent accuracy requirements….Contact us to get a full CV

Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Management CQM certified and quality engineering CQE, auditor certified repair facilities. Environmental management experience in complex, multi-interfaces, process analysis and improvement, working with external bodies. Familiarity and control standards: IPC 620, ISO 9000, 14000, etc…..Contact us to get a full CV

Cyber and Information Security

Holding vast technical experience with some 20 years of expertise in IT related data security and R&D of related new technologies.  He is also an expert of data security in the defence sector including communication layers, data and aspects of security applications.  Architect of security solutions for large and complex systems, including development of security infrastructure.  Development and infrastructure team guide in design, planning and assimilation of security solutions.  He holds extensive knowledge in UNIX and LINUX based systems….Contact us to get a full CV

Leading projects and large scale systems in an assortment of IT areas in various market sectors such as military, government, private and public sectors.  This includes teleprocessing, software, telephony, legal, industry, education.  medical systems, agriculture, stock market, construction and housing ….Contact us to get a full CV

Director of the Finance Ministry and the regulator in the field of information systems, information security and telecommunications. A member of the faculty at the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University in the field of information systems. Founder, developer and manager of network state media. Initiator and founder of the system in general government administration Government in Israel. Developed the architecture of dedicated information security in the Israeli government against attacks from the Internet. Developed the architecture identification and digital signature government employees in Israel. key architecture integrated smart ticketing in public transportation in Israel, and more….Contact us to get a full CV

Experienced Manager combines proven experience in leading large scale projects budget over 20 years, significant background in the development and understanding of business. Extensive experience in the implementation of policy and information security systems combining the-shelf products and the development of secure software. Knowledge of communication systems, radio, computer infrastructure and software infrastructure….Contact us to get a full CV

an expert in Cyber security, Big data & Analytics, with more than 25 years of experience in diverse software and IT disciplines. hold M.Sc. and PhD, both from the Weizmann Institute. has a knowledge and experience in analyzing data of cyber security, social, communication, financial and medical applications. he is a strategic thinker, with strong analytic and problem solving skills. also have extensive experience in leading research activities and innovation, tracking emerging technologies, and assessing their contribution to business. In his career, he gained valuable know-how in management, business, marketing and product ….Contact us to get a full CV

Experience system in the following areas – RF, cyber, and military communications, data communications, embedded real-time information systems, command and control, security of information. Management experience of over twenty-five years in leading and developing human resources technology at various management level of team Leader to Head organization ….Contact us to get a full CV


Master’s degree with honors in Systems Engineering, Bachelor’s degree in aeronautics, both Technion and an MBA. With experience in mechanical design, development and manufacturing processes and rocket propulsion. Experienced in the successful development of a product multi-disciplinary (NPI), while integration of different areas, developing and moving from development to production of critical parts, mechanical design of parts and complex set-ups. High ability of engineering understanding, wide-angle systematic, analytical and creative thinking. ….Contact us to get a full CV

Electronics Engineering

Senior Electronics Engineer Hardware Development Engineering analog components. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion. Experience of 18 years of experience leading high-tech companies, including Intel and others. Has excellent interpersonal skills, and orientation and technical assistance support team members…..Contact us to get a full CV

Over 20 years of experience in senior management and Research & Development in high-tech companies. Currently at F.E.S, a consultation, research and developing office, in a position of  Project & Marketing Manager. Prior to F.E.S, filled the role of R&D Group Manager at Teledata Networks, a global provider of Access Network solutions and products for telecom service providers.  Before Teledata, founded and served as R&D Group Manager & CTO at D.M.S a start-up in the optical media DRM market. In-depth experience of technology along with wide and diversified management experience. Wide experience with cross-company processes including with multi-national organizations.  Looking for a challenging leadership position that could bring my strengths into action…..Contact us to get a full CV

An electronics engineer, entrepreneur, CEO and president of “Trsnik” more than 15 years, from the establishment. Has also served as director of sales and marketing, business development, and the company’s CTO. Combines technical capabilities engineering abilities with commercial sense, the ability to negotiate at all levels, endless energy and leadership…..Contact us to get a full CV

Home Land Security

Managed several engineering divisions of large companies. Among the main projects conducted characterization and design of the Safe City project one of the largest in the world. This system is designed to respond to both routine and emergency municipal government bodies. Management Development System for the computerized security system at the Athens Olympics 2004. He holds several degrees, including a master’s degree program Emergency Management and Disaster behalf of the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv…..Contact us to get a full CV

Over 10 years of successful transfer of command and control projects in the field of HLS. Involvement and influence every project life cycle, initiation to delivery of systems in a business environment. Application of advanced management concepts and core technologies that create added value for the company. Ability to manage own environment of high uncertainty with customers in real time. Transport of work teams and systems integration technology in a broad systemic perspective. As a practical determination of the development company, products and markets…..Contact us to get a full CV

Systems and electronic sensors Expert – radars, cameras, VA, fences, etc., and integrating command and control systems for the protection of areas and sensitive installations. Telephony issue, analog to digital interfaces, protocols – MGCP, SIP. VoIP networks, SBC, IP. Communication Systems , voice mail and switches. Setting up communication systems for testing and recovery problems from customers. Analysis and finding problems and solutions. Customers and distributors support at the manufacturer level – level-D. Tests after development and prior to field trials of products (alpha test), software, applications, peripheral units and systems. Escort of products in the process of field trials and implementation of new products by customers and distributors. Working with manufacturers of foreign products, acceptance testing and approval of products according to the specifications and type approval. Working closely with all parties in the organization – marketing, sales, development, manufacturing and engineering…..Contact us to get a full CV

Executive management (CEOs and VPs)

Senior operations and chains and supply manager.  Management of a project of transfer and building a logistic center in Terminal 3 in Ben Gurion Airport and opening stores in ports.  Initiation and optimization of processes and infrastructure in logistic and commercial centers as well as project initiation and management ….Contact us to get a full CV

Highly experienced manager with leadership qualifications in enhancement of R&D and operation innovative rganizations. Multidisciplinary experience in Cyber, RF, IT, Mechanics and Industrial engineering. Seeking to be a part of a innovative and challenging organization ….Contact us to get a full CV

A veteran CEO and VP R&D manager, 25+ years’ experience in managing R&D projects and operations. Proven track record in defining and implementing product road map, managing full product life cycle from concept, recruiting and managing multi-disciplinary teams, V&V, QA, QC, transfer from development to production, procurement, subcontracting, leading to objectives. Extensive experience in integrative technological environments, interface with the Medical,Military, Renewable Energy systems, 8 registered patents in the medical equipment field. Comprehensive professional and business outlook, goals and results oriented, leader, team player. ….Contact us to get a full CV

Business Executive and Strong Leader, with proven track in managing global high tech corporations and cyber division. Recognized as a sophisticated strategist with long term vision, excellent performing capabilities and significant creativity skills…..Contact us to get a full CV

Over 25 years of experience in senior management positions filled and member of the management industries leading companies. Experience the roles of COO and director of the factory. Management major departments – IPO, supply chain, warehousing and logistics, customer service, production departments, human resources, engineering, maintenance and project management. Interior streamlining processes leading organizational and policy implementation and management of construction company budgets. Establishment of quality teams, increasing productivity and reducing fallout, in charge of environment and safety company. One area and a high performance capabilities, crisis management and recovery plan building, leadership skills and leadership, excellent interpersonal skills…..Contact us to get a full CV

Over 20 years of industry experience, senior management positions in international companies. Leading companies to success in combining knowledge and experience in advanced management tools. Building a marketing strategy, increasing business potential and customer base, identifying needs, market segmentation and competitive advantage based on competition. Understanding and in-depth knowledge in sales. Fostering trust and working relationships fertile with distributors in Israel and abroad and with direct customers, partnerships with international companies and on a large scale. Experience and knowledge in the field of operations. Experience and ability in leading a large staff. Imparting cultural change, organizational development and establishing a productive work climate, improved processes and practices. Interpersonal communication and visualization system and high business, a marketing thinking, vision, and goal-oriented…..Contact us to get a full CV

Over 20 years of industry experience, senior management positions Managing Director and Vice President leading aviation services companies in Israel. Won the National Quality Award from the Prime Minister industry…..Contact us to get a full CV

From the “bottom up” through the corporate ladder, together with tenacious entrepreneurship drive, I bring a consistent record of achievement, profitable management and cost-effective delivery in the web/internet/internet of things, data/analytics, communications and medical devices industries. Particular past responsibilities include product and business development, sales, marketing, operations management, fund raising, and more…..Contact us to get a full CV

Space and Satellite

Senior Consultant for international cooperation for the Israeli Space Agency. Served as director of marketing and business development in some leading companies in Israel, and more ….Contact us to get a full CV

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consultant and socio-industrial psychologist (MA) from Bar-Ilan University; Colonel (Ret.), Former head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and the School Census army leadership development. Over 25 years of experience in the fields of consulting and organizational development and educational and social initiatives ….Contact us to get a full CV

Senior organizational consultant for over 15 years. Isrotel Group Facilitator, ICL, Intel, Bank Yahav, a medical center “Rabin”, Police and others – individual counseling, workshops, team development, executive development and field workshops….Contact us to get a full CV

Director for many years in organizations of all sizes. Organizations leader examine the capabilities and efficiency of the organization. Consulting expertise and organizational change as well as borrowers managers at various levels. Deals with writing, teaching and lectures in the field of management. In addition to those, engaged in various disciplines Communication Command & Control solutions ….Contact us to get a full CV

Extensive experience in leading and managing the processes of change and growth in complex, strategic projects / business / social worldwide. High capacity development executives and teams, empowerment and support in crisis situations, making decisions and formulating agreements. International expert and co-developing thought processes of ‘Theory of Constraints’ and assimilation. Systems thinking, thoughtful approach and creative ability to express orally and in writing, to work under pressure, excellent interpersonal communication….Contact us to get a full CV

Financial Managers

CPA specializes in the following areas: a recovery plan and the efficiency of companies, business advice, economic opinions auditing and characterization financial processes and operations and management while building control processes structured and writing procedures adapted to the company’s activities. Representing banks in financial arrangements and obtaining credit from the banking system. consultant supply Division Israel electric Corporation….Contact us to get a full CV

Strategic and operational CFO & Corporate Development executive with a diverse international background.Scaled private and public data communications, software, internet, healthcare, and telecom companies through hyper growth. Drove and built relationships that created opportunities and achieved successful exit strategies which included 4 M&A transactions and 3 IPOs. Facilitated deals and raised hundreds of millions from Angels, VC, and investment firms. Represented executive management and established entities in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.Hired, developed, and mentored cross functional teams that initiated long term goals and objectives and providedthe infrastructure that enabled organizations to obtain substantial growth….Contact us to get a full CV

Operations & Logistics

Senior operations and chains and supply manager.  Management of a project of transfer and building a logistic center in Terminal 3 in Ben Gurion Airport and opening stores in ports.  Initiation and optimization of processes and infrastructure in logistic and commercial centers as well as project initiation and management…Contact us to get a full CV

More than 10 years of experience operating and managing the supply chain and project management for global companies and manufacturers. Experience in managing complex projects, matrix management of all parties involved in the project, both internal and external. Knowledge and experience in characterizing needs and defining modules and processes in implementing ERP systems (Priority, Oracle)…Contact us to get a full CV

He has a proven professional ability, labour morality , the ability to motivating employees, planning and execution capabilities and organization loyalty. Performed a variety of positions in the organization, human resources and logistics in the public and private sectors. 5 years as director of logistics of Delta Textiles. Distribution logistics, work plans, human resources management, administration. Served as director of the “Heart Land” at Flying Cargo…Contact us to get a full CV

Extensive experience in building and managing operating systems and Distributed Operations, multinational, co-leading Strategy and Business Development. Familiarity with the world of industry, specializing in OEM and CEM electronics, enter new fields. worldwide Management teams , negotiations and agreements with customers, suppliers and distributors, making large tenders to contracts….Contact us to get a full CV


Expert working methodologies with CATIA software. Consulting engineering issues and vocational courses in CAD. Experience in PLM Software Teamcenter Enterprise and SmarTeam. Knowledge of Unix system….Contact us to get a full CV

Mechanical engineer, has extensive experience in computer aided design (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA) parts and assemblies of steel and glass. Design of aircraft, systems and machines, making calculations using the element method (Patran, Nastran) and calculations mobile. Making calculations of strength with finite elements, enhanced functionality of systems and tools, controlling a computerized environment. Excellent English, very good Interpersonal at job and focused Purpose….Contact us to get a full CV

Mechanical engineer, has extensive experience in computer aided design (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA) parts and assemblies of steel and glass. Design of aircraft, systems and machines, making calculations using the element method (Patran, Nastran) and calculations mobile. Making calculations of strength with finite elements, enhanced functionality of systems and tools, controlling a computerized environment. Excellent English, very good Interpersonal at job and focused Purpose….Contact us to get a full CV

Expert in technologies of steel, tin, plastic injection, machining and MIM molding.  Production facility design assembly and manufacturing lines.  Packaging of electronic circuits in casings for marine and submerged navigational for the Israeli navy and the military industry.  Re-engineering for faulty aircraft components or those for which importation from the original manufacturers was discontinue…Contact us to get a full CV

Mechanical Engineer with 10 years of experience in mechanical design. Knowledge of Solidworks software, designing integrated assemblies subtle control, propulsion, precision systems, multi disciplines systems . Aircraft structural parts design software CATIA 5. aircraft parts in CAD design language of CATIA V5 and UG, etc….Contact us to get a full CV

A mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in engineering economic systems from Stanford University CA USA. Has extensive experience in engineering / operation. Definition and implementation of production processes and control, management and motivating employees, negotiating contracts and procurement management, planning and budget management. Experience working with clients and suppliers in Israel and abroad. PMI qualified…..Contact us to get a full CV

Experience in mechanical design, troubleshooting and engineering permits treatment. Proven experience in quality assurance in the field of mechanical, electronics and wiring. Mapping process and receiving items Aviation (Israel and the US). Coverage and certification of quality systems and production lines in factories large and medium-sized to create and direct supply inventory to IAF. Good awareness of the financial aspects of the school of engineering, production, purchase, storage, logistics and safety. Management of development projects and high school, purchasing and production…..Contact us to get a full CV

Holds a PhD degree. Proven experience in leading process R&D for military and civil products, recognition of engineering standards and aviation standards FAR25, Mil-Hd bk-516B, FAR23. Knowledge and experience in products based on composite materials and “smart” materials. Systemic vision and strategic understanding, oriented marketing and business development. Learning ability and data analysis. High functional flexibility, capacity for hard work and for making decisions. Submission of several patents dealing with Fiizoalktriim materials……Contact us to get a full CV

Mechanical engineer senior, brings experience in a wide Over 20 years of experience in production management and operations, engineering, process improvement and areas of performance of the semiconductor industry (companies: Micron, Niomoniks and Intel) and biotechnology (Omrix), clean rooms environment control ect. ……Contact us to get a full CV

CRM systems

Holds extensive knowledge in every business and technological aspect of CRM systems.  Among other things, she has dealt with guidance of and facilitating large scale CRM projects in IBM, including professional, commercial and operational customer management in Bank Leumi.  In addition, she managed the CRM project in Bank Hapoalim’s channel program…Contact us to get a full CV

Sales Manager and Project Manager of enterprise information systems. Rich experience in information systems and computerization of business processes. Experience with pre-sale and sales IT. Extensive experience working with customers and users (even abroad). Experience in planning, initiating and leading projects, development and characterization systems, writing requirements and defining the optimal solution requirements. Business oriented, ability to learn independently, high speed, assertiveness, many connections and good interpersonal skills….Contact us to get a full CV

Nautical systems

Content expert in development of marine warfare systems with a focus on submerged means.  Among other things, he has dealt with various projects intended to optimize the Navy’s submarine weapon system from initiation to receiving operational certification for the submarine’s systems…Contact us to get a full CV

Electronic systems expert in offshore and underwater platforms . Deal with this subject in several companies in Europe such as ATLAS ELECTRONICS etc .. led the development and design of several systems are in operational use today in navy…Contact us to get a full CV

Geographic Information System

A renowned expert in the field of GIS with over 15 years experience in a management abilities and motivation. Access executive, independent research and building plans…Contact us to get a full CV

Information systems

Intelligence related information systems architect in development of a system that scans the Web, downloads relevant information and analyzes it into insights and facts, while using advance engines, combining an advanced and market leading BI tool for cross sectioning.  Design of a future system that includes components for real time retrieval and indexing, advanced text analusis and a rule module.  Selection of a retrieval engine and coding its operational infrastructure…Contact us to get a full CV

System scale IT project leader and builder of combined IT solutions predominantly in the governmental sector.  Establishing combined IT solutions for privacy protection and knowledge management.  Building an information system for management of chemical experiments and work process…Contact us to get a full CV

CIO over 20 years of experience in the field. Here are some examples of projects dealing with them: SAP Project decentralized global organization, which includes infrastructure, implementation, training, interfaces, conversion modules SD, BW, CRM, XI, PP, CO, FI, M. Conducted a unique project of sale terminals using mobile phones including placing an order only with the location by GPS. A unique project of product identification, weighing, reporting to the DB and cardboard label production in 2.5 seconds. A project with a German company for unique automated warehouse that runs at minus 20 °. establishing a common web site for all public transport companies. smart electronic signage that displays the time until the next bus arrival…Contact us to get a full CV

Holds a PhD in information sciences. Managed the site Ness Technologies. Using: cms, MOSS, HTML, SHAREPOINT, Photoshop. Using Google Analytics, ELOQUA, WEBTRENDS. Background in statistics, background social media, preparing content for the advancement of organic SEO, as part of AdWords – especially keyword research, analysis and follow up on ads competition and more…Contact us to get a full CV

Over 20 years experience of controlled information systems, project management, writing of tenders, contracts, control and operation of projects. Outsourcing management units, service centers management (Siebel, PeopleSoft, Priority – CRM). Implementation of quality processes and methodologies for complex systems. Building processes, control and quality assurance in FOREX, banks, telecommunications companies, information security, content, IT, government agencies and more. Leading, implementation of ISO procedures in ISO certification…Contact us to get a full CV

Over 25 years of experience in management and development in the areas of IT. Familiarity and laterally with organizational processes in the industrial and commercial finance media and banking. Experience in managing operations with suppliers around the world. Management activities with clients from different sectors. Manage Systems software in highly complex with continuous availability (24hX7d). High skill in negotiations with senior officials for the purpose of purchase and sale. Manageability and moving of IT workers in many different tasks in parallel….Contact us to get a full CV

Experienced manager in national-level, complex, large scale software development operations. Experience in all business processes – business development, alliances & cooperation, marketing, sales, legal, execution & deployment projects monitoring and customer relations. Strong software technical background, having specific experience in Knowledge Management: Information Retrieval (search technologies), data correlations (content analysis), Semantic Analysis, Big Data analysis, complex R&D projects in these areas (+ unique semantic text analysis engine). Experienced with local and international companies & integrators (strategic partnerships); managing national-level tenders; analytical negotiation skills. Numerous excellence awards – for both business & innovation (2012 Employee of the Year for innovation). Leader, excellent interpersonal communication, creative thinking, diligent, mature, analytic…..Contact us to get a full CV

Command & Control Systems

Project manager and system engineer in development of multidisciplinary software based products for international customers.  Web-based command & control and qualification systems….Contact us to get a full CV

Information technology specialist. Expertise in analyzing business processes in organizations. ERP project management, clearing systems, and integrated systems widely deployed. Expertise in planning information systems in organizations. Good familiarity with the solutions – Knowledge of SAP and other ERP systems such as Priority. Management of large enterprise computer unit….Contact us to get a full CV

Cellular, RF

Over 30 years of experience as specialist in design of building and operation of engineering networks and solutions, mainly in the telecom sector.  With in-depth acquaintance with transmission technology, infrastructure, Internet, voice, cellular and RF as well as lecturing on radio engineering and microwaves…Contact us to get a full CV

Over 40 years experience in the field of engineering technology and management. 25 years from period as a commander of Technology in the Signal Corps and 15 years as director of Department and Director of PARTNER Technology Division. the roles included all engineering steps, from development and characterization of production, support and customer service, teams management , budgets and projects. Among other things, set up a new wireless network, telephony network, Ethernet and establishing the PARTNER company’s customer support services….Contact us to get a full CV

Radio Systems Engineering expert. Modeling Bihbioralim establishment and verification measurement laboratory, writing algorithms in order to solve systemic problems, experience in system engineering of chip SOC SIP integration RFIC components with BB, characterization measurements of Sigma Delta ADC and analysis of the results, system engineering in military systems and more….Contact us to get a full CV

Over 25 years of experience in the technology and transport dozens of complex projects in the central collection unit of Military Intelligence in the technology field – intelligence, of which 7 years as a Lieutenant Colonel. Realization of the project starting with the invention of the idea and formulating a concept design vision through hardware, software, until turning it operational. Initiation and development of complex engineering projects, installations and support on communications, RF, antennas, wave propagation, absorption and transmission systems, stabilization, tracking and Giroux. Experience and knowledge of drones, has extensive knowledge in aerodynamics and flight practice. Writing a research and analysis of IAI’s UAV. In addition, characterization and development of technological capabilities and operational UAV doctrine…..Contact us to get a full CV

Engineering experience over 20 years in the cellular telecommunications industry. Definition, software development, hardware, and system products. Standardization, regulation, research technologies, evaluation of products and companies in the field…..Contact us to get a full CV

25 years of experience in technology and transportation complex projects of which 21 Military Intelligence in the technology field – intelligence, including 9 years as a Lieutenant Colonel. Experience in complex transportation projects in the fields of IT and RELOCATION at IBM. Extensive experience in managing large engineering body (over 100 people) combines proactive and complex engineering project development, installations and communication issues support, RF, antennas, wave propagation. In addition, extensive experience in managing IT projects broad aspects of computing hardware infrastructure, computer halls, formulating and implementing concepts and processes of backup and survivability DRP / BCP, from initiation to the actual exercise….Contact us to get a full CV

Software manager with over 15 years of technical and managerial experience in SW development and validation, including: Building and managing diverse teams of engineers. C/C++ SW development specialize in distributed system (SoC and client/server application for PC). Experience in Agile development methodologies with continuous integration. Developing automation and validation strategies and methodologies. Testing multi-disciplinary products that contain SW, FW, HW, and RF. Vast knowledge in cellular communication technologies (2G, 3G, 4G). Expert in learning new technologies and deploying them. Creative with good analytical and problem solving capability. Experience in product life cycle management from definition to deployment. Understanding customer needs and translating them to work items and more….Contact us to get a full CV


Procurement and production planning & control management Expertise and experience in work with ERP based informatilon systems such as Oracle, Priority, Top Manager, SPSS, Office Pascal, COPIX and Bina (accounting)..Contact us to get a full CV

Responsibility for contracts and contracts of hundreds of millions ILS, relationship management of suppliers and subcontractors, creating cooperation. Rich experience in building and managing procurement systems and supply chain in industry and large projects in multinational environments. Partner in strategic decisions, formulating and motivating teams of employees, upgrading professionalism and department positioning. Knowledge Engineering and multidisciplinary business, excellent interpersonal skills, methods and implementation of information systems, conducting savings and improved performance…Contact us to get a full CV

Buisness Developing & Marketing

Expert in marketing and trade with negotiations and sales skills as well as economic and financial know how for striking deals with customers and suppliers.  He holds 24 years of accumulated knowledge in mew market development and distributor management in Europe, South East Asia, China, Latin America, Australia….Contact us to get a full CV

Business development capabilities. Combines business savvy with technology growth engines enabled client and need. Extensive experience in managing a variety of projects: web sites and applications CRM, ERP, .BI. Design, characterization, management and implementation of information systems and Digital variety of methodologies. Negotiation capabilities while maintaining specification requirements and needs of the organization. Very good interpersonal relationships with service awareness. Proactive, creative and innovative….Contact us to get a full CV

Senior level Sales Executive with a proven track record of accomplishments, with over 15 years experience. Exceptional customer understanding with a great ability to understand customer needs and offer the winning product accordingly. High capability to identify business opportunities and turn them in to revenue. High Creativity in finding solution to business and technical problems. Proven track record of success with key sales initiatives along with building sales teams having the talent of generating multimillion-dollar growth and market expansion. Ability to leverage strong product knowledge and customer relationship management to drive long-term partnerships with a diverse client base. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to save a long standing relationship with customers and colleagues…..Contact us to get a full CV

“Out-Of-The-Box” thinker, creative, highly experienced in successfully penetrating new markets, negotiation skills, recruiting and managing sales force in various markets, superb product/human engineering capabilities. Strong staff management and organizational skills as-well as Concept Management……Contact us to get a full CV

Lobbying the Israeli Knesset. Entrepreneur, with experience in project management, infrastructure, skill in identifying needs, planning and coordination. Experience in managing people and organizations. Propulsion attainment of organizational goals and systemic, professional and responsible. Has the ability to broad systemic view to make strategic decisions……Contact us to get a full CV

Has several years of experience as director of business development, marketing and sales. Experience is reflected in the insertion of products into new markets and increasing the range of products to existing customers. Highly motivated, ambitious and experienced. He specializes in Latin American markets. Spanish-speaking mother tongue……Contact us to get a full CV

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

Specialist in the field of EMC, acting as one of the main authorities on the subject for over 30 years.  During his professional career, he was involved in numerous confidential projects for the IDF, the military industry and the business sector….Contact us to get a full CV

System Administrators

Specialist regular maintenance of multiple virtual environments (Production, Test, DR) includes allocations volumes, allocation of machines, upgrade versions and Troubleshooting dozens ESX managed by Virtual Center. Upgrading Virtual Center environment from 4.1 to 1, including ESX. Specialization in Storage: Storage technology support centers (SAN and NAS) of major sites scattered NETAPP. Construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities survival realized (SRM) on Netapp systems (technology Snapmirror). Linux expertise in the field of infrastructure management Linux (Red Hat distribution) production environments \ Dev \ Training includes network settings and Performance Tunings and other systems…..Contact us to get a full CV

An outstanding system administrator, specializing in VMServers and Storage maintenance, back ups, building virtual Microsoft Vmware networks, maintenance of CentOS Servers, Linux RedHat, server monitoring with Nagios, DR server servers….Contact us to get a full CV

SoftWare Developers

Senior engineer experience and expertise in the following programming languages: JAVA,C#,C,C++,Managed C++, VB, PLSQL.  Highly experienced with UML tool aided OOA/OOD.  Holding vast knowledge on multithreading and multi-task programming under MS-Windows and LINUX….Contact us to get a full CV

Technical Documentation & Translation

Technical writer with over 20 years experience, editor and translator in several languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) in technological fields: electronics, computers, IT, telecommunications and more. Also with experience in editing and translating several other areas such as behavioral science, law and justice, medicine, agriculture, ecology….Contact us to get a full CV

Experience over 15 years. User guides specialized translation and localization of manuals and operating instructions in various fields, website translation, translation of books, translating press releases in various fields, known clients include: Hed Artzi, Atari-Israel, Magic, Oracle, etc…..Contact us to get a full CV

Communication Command & Control

Project management in communication and electricity infrastructure and building control centers.  Operative characterizations and program writing….Contact us to get a full CV

IT/ project manager.  Design and laying foundations for setting up a cloud: Cloud Computing Standardization of working platforms, procedures, coping with virtualization, choosing tools for process automating….Contact us to get a full CV